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As the time changes, new fashion trends keep hitting the markets. In fact every season sees new trends getting introduced in the markets answering to every individuals needs for fashion and style. The sober monochromes of restrictive business attire lets men only a few opportunities to express their individuality. Everything has regulations, specifications and everything has to be in place. The shirt has to be pressed just so, and the whole attire has to form a kind of symmetry.

Oftentimes a gentlemans conclusion to personal style is his necktie, a sartorial touch frequently undermined by the selection of loud neckwear that against the standard issue whites or blue dress shirts, shouts like a silk exclamation point. However, designers keep breaking the barriers with a sophisticated pallet of purple, berry, pink and plum shirts to aid fashion conscious men dress smartly in office premises as well. When paired with rich cashmere or silk necktie in similarly enticing shades, each shirt will send a spark of personality even to the most somber-hued suits.

Oftentimes business class and power sects demand select couture that lets them stay distinctive and not resultant from a known label, that even they can access. Custom made couture is the answer to style needs of these hot honchos. Online shopping stores of many of the made to measure designers, deliver high-quality, custom made couture in the premium quality fabric, crafted in the most distinguished palette and dimensions that perfectly copulate their body. Furthermore, shopping online is very convenient. They just have to give personalized design, fabric and dimensional inputs, place orders online in the comforts of their office or home. The result is more proportioned style that is never the less sharp and smart.

There are so many different components of a shirt that work together to carve a particular look for an individual. The shirts in the corporate sector have different collar styles, cuffs, plackets and pockets. Each belongs with a different style of suit or sport coat. As an example, dress shirts or the shirts adorned with coats have more than six kinds of patterns for collars only. There are three different types of cuff styles, options with pockets (and of course pocket-less shirts), variations in button, fit, shape, cuts & etc. etc.

Made to measure and ready to wear bespoke shirts by Bond St Custom Clothiers are amongst the most desirable suit shirts worldwide. Clients good taste and their expertise come together to provide a wardrobe enriched with class bespoke shirts crafted in the package of correct fit, great style and supreme fabric.

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Shirting Tales

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This article was published on 2011/04/20