How To Customize Your LED Light Shirts

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If you are looking for LED light shirts, you will have plenty of options available. They come in all sorts of styles ranging from birthday themed to holiday themed or simple everyday ones with witty sayings or cute pictures. However, it is possible that you won’t find an already made shirt that you like. If that is the case, you shouldn’t worry as it is incredibly easy to customize your own. You have three simple decisions to make and once you are done, you are all set to order. Here is what you will need to think about when customizing your shirts.

Your Design

The first and possibly most important thing to consider when customizing LED light shirts is what sort of design you will want on it. When thinking about this, consider why you are getting the shirt. If it is to advertise your business, for example, you will probably want the company name and logo on it. If it is just for fun, decide when you will be wearing it and whether it is for a one-time event or you’d prefer to pick a basic design that you can wear again and again. If you having creative block, you can look at some already made shirts for inspiration.

Sewn Or Velcro

The next decision is whether you want the design to be sewn on or attached via Velcro. Each has their own advantages and in the end the decision really comes down to how you want to wash the shirt. If you get LED light shirts with the image panel sewn on, it will need to be carefully hand washed. If that does not appeal to you, then you should opt for the Velcro panel as this can be removed (along with the battery pack and cables), allowing you to wash the shirt in the machine. Just keep in mind that shirts with the panels sewn on tend to look more professional and polished.

Automatic Or Sound Activated

Your final decision is how you want the flashing lights to be activated. There are two main options for this: automatic and sound activated. If you opt for the automatic version, you will hit a button on the battery pack to turn the lights on and they will automatically go through a series of flashing patterns. If you choose the sound activated one, the lights will stay off until they are triggered by a sound, at which point they will follow the beat of whatever music is playing.


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How To Customize Your LED Light Shirts

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How To Customize Your LED Light Shirts

This article was published on 2013/11/07