Cufflinks For A Touch Of Class

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Most men's dress shirts today feature buttoned cuffs on the sleeve. Nothing says class like a turned back shirt cuff fastened with a cufflink. Buttoned cuffs are great for convenience, but cufflinks are jewelry that makes a man stand out from the crowd. Due to the proliferation of the buttoned cuff, cufflinks are harder to find than they were a few decades ago.

The best place to find cufflinks is at a jewelry store. Most jewelers realize that men who don't buy their watches at a discount store care about their appearance. Cufflinks are available in gold, silver and platinum and may contain gemstones like onyx, diamonds, rubies and sapphires. They are one way to add an extra sparkle to a conservative business or dress look.

For those who like to be a bit quirky with fashion, vintage novelty cufflinks from the mid 20th century are another option. Cufflinks during that period were often made from inexpensive base metals and contained clear plastic domes over photos or pictures. Often they were made for tourists and had the name of an attraction printed on them. Birds, boats, golf, sports or hunting themes were all fairly popular. This type of cufflink may be found in antique stores, auctions, estate sales and on the Internet.

Better antique cufflinks from the art deco period may be available at jewelers who special in antique and vintage pieces. Cufflinks from this period often feature inlaid onyx, abalone or mother of pearl. Enameling was also popular during this time. The designs consist of interesting geometrics, unusual shapes and colorful gemstones.

Finding shirts with the proper turned back, or french cuff to accommodate cufflinks may also be a challenge. Generally they are not available in discount chain stores. They can usually be found at better department stores like Macy's, Nordstrom's and Neiman-Marcus. These shirts generally have a high cotton content and look best when professionally laundered.

Although dress shirts were once only available in white, they can now be found in a wide range of colors. A gray suit with a pale blue pinstripe would look good with a pale blue or gray shirt. Shirts should be chosen to coordinate with suits or jackets. Many better department stores have fashion consultants to assist in coordinating a total fashion look.

The devil is in the details with fashion. At a job interview, the overall appearance of the applicant is an important factor. The applicant who looks like he belongs in the job is most likely to be hired. A well pressed dress shirt with cufflinks shows that a man pays attention to small details and makes a good impression. In fact, these details make a difference in the overall perception of a man by most people.
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Cufflinks For A Touch Of Class

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This article was published on 2010/09/25