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One of the better known brands for work clothes is the workhorse of a brand called Carhartt. The name should certainly be familiar to you, now that it is more than a century old brand. From its inception days, Carhartt has been making some of the best work clothes available in the market. What started out as work clothing for the men only, now also caters to the fairer sex as well! Though Carhartt has some products in its line which are not the typical work clothes that it is recognized for, the full R&D in Carhartt is on making even better work wear and that effort can be seen in its line down the years.

Fire/Flame Resistant Twill Shirts

Twill shirts are available for men as well as women. Some of the twill shirts are flame resistant as well. So, if youre working in a high-fire-risk area, you may want to try some of these good fire-resistant twill shirts from this brand. The men and the women can differentiate between their choices of flame resistant clothing with the codes FR-160 (for men) and WFR-160 (for women). These shirts are extremely light and would not restrict your movement in the case of a fire emergency. The fiber is just of 7-ounces weight!

Worker Twill Shirts

It is no secret that the younger lot can make for a better physical worker and keeping this in mind, Carhartt has designed most of its twill shirt line for the ages 24 35. It is not known as why this grouping has been done in some reviews of the product because as for the website or the company, it does not have an age bar, at least on its twill shirts range. Worker shirts have to light as much as functional. It should have a tougher outlook and a lighter feel and at the same time should feature multiple pockets to keep stuff that workers generally use. Light and small tool pockets are available but that does not mean that you should expect a hammer loop on these shirts as well! Tool loops are a part of Carhartt bottoms that have reinforced belts, pockets and stitches.

There may be a situation where you do not like the product; you can simply return the product to the company in that case and have your money refunded. Products can now be ordered from online stores as well. One important factor to keep in mind when ordering online is the price difference and variation across websites. Choose the one which is the most reliable (you can order from the company website as well) and the one which gives you the best pricing option.

If you wonder about the safety of the products, be assured because these shirts are one of the best rated ones in the market today. However, due to competition from other brands and other cheaper products available in the market, you might want to keep your options open depending on your budget and requirement.
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Alden has been around Carhartt clothing for over 10 years now. Carhartt has been around for over 120 years and continues to remain the industry leader when it comes to work apparel. Click here for the Carhartt S224 Men's Long-Sleeve Twill Work Shirt or to view the complete line of woven shirts visit with many different styles to choose from.

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Carhartt Twill Shirt

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This article was published on 2011/02/24